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Career Advice From Startup Founders

Running a startup is not for the faint of heart. Last-minute changes, goal setbacks, funding issues, and all the drama in between can put you in the fetal position — or the red. But despite the hard moments, most entrepreneurs say they wouldn't...

The Type of Income That Unlocks Your Freedom

Learn how to make more money, without having to find more hours in the day

Why Entrepreneurs Need Split Personalities

Are you a creative person with bold vision? Or an analytic type, happy to pour over numbers in search of ways to generate greater profits?   If you own a business, you likely lean towards one end of the spectrum or the other. Rare is the...

Become a More Powerful Negotiator

Running your own business involves endless negotiations, from investor pitches to employee salaries. While research shows that women in the workplace tend to negotiate far less often than their male counterparts, a new study found that women face...

6 Entrepreneurs Giving Back in a Big Way

Not only is it good for you (and the world) to give back, it’s good for business, too. “Small business is inherently part of a community; that is your customer base, so it is very important for small businesses to be involved in the community’s...

How I Built a Business After Being Laid Off

In January 2014, I was laid off. It had been my first salaried position with benefits, and it lasted only six months. Before that was a string of unpaid internships and part-time work that allowed me to get some experience on my resume without...

I’m NOT Trying to Have It All

Recently my doctor and I had a serious conversation about my stress levels. I told him I’m very stressed because I run a company. “Uh-huh,” he said, and then added with sincere concern, “And also you’re a mom.” He went on to suggest that my...

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Holidays

Balance. It’s a buzzy word. But for many entrepreneurs, the mere thought of balance during the holiday season is stressful in and of itself. Running a business is crazy enough without also striving to see family, cook treats, wrangle parties and...


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