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How I Built a Business After Being Laid Off

In January 2014, I was laid off. It had been my first salaried position with benefits, and it lasted only six months. Before that was a string of unpaid internships and part-time work that allowed me to get some experience on my resume without...

I’m NOT Trying to Have It All

Recently my doctor and I had a serious conversation about my stress levels. I told him I’m very stressed because I run a company. “Uh-huh,” he said, and then added with sincere concern, “And also you’re a mom.” He went on to suggest that my...

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Holidays

Balance. It’s a buzzy word. But for many entrepreneurs, the mere thought of balance during the holiday season is stressful in and of itself. Running a business is crazy enough without also striving to see family, cook treats, wrangle parties and...

Baller Businesswomen From the 19th Century

While we may live in a time of tremendous growth in female-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs, there is nothing particularly new about a lady-owned empire. History has given us more than a few pioneering women who made executive decisions...

5 Women Shaking Up Traditional Industries

A new round of startups — founded, owned and run by women — is demonstrating that traditional industries like birth control or budget shopping can use updates. Their new takes on old business models are turning out to be game changers. In our...

My Inner Wild Child Doesn't Want to Behave

DailyWorth’s founder on why professional personas are overrated

Master the Art of the Lunch Date

For years, I was an editor at top magazines, which is great training ground for the obvious skills of writing and editing. But over the course of my career, I was also “trained” in the not-so-obvious art of the perfect lunch date. Done well, a...

4 Tips for Starting a Business When You Have Student Loans

Looking to start your own business, but still have student loans to pay off? These 4 tips could help you toward entrepreneurial success!


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