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An Insider’s Guide to Impressing Angel Investors

Angel investors are, well, the guardian angels of business. Without them, many of the world’s biggest companies, like Google and Facebook, may never have gotten off the ground. Through these first-stage investors, struggling entrepreneurs get...

Biker Barre Builds Community Around Fitness and Friendship

Hyperlocal isn’t just a marketing concept for the owners of Biker Barre, a boutique fitness studio that pairs spinning with ballet-style barre classes, in Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. It’s their foundation. “Our DNA is being in...

6 Successful Strategies to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Unless your name is Beyoncé, odds are you can’t produce a product in secret then just sit back as millions flock to you and buy it. You need to market, which, in this day and age, takes more creativity than ever before. In the past, marketing...

A Day in the Life of 7 Highly Successful Women

What if we just stopped talking about “having it all” and started focusing simply on being content with our choices as a woman? Whether you choose to focus more on career, family, or relationships at a particular time, the beauty is you have the...

What I Gained From Nearly Losing My Mind

How a health crisis helped put my work, and my life, in perspective

How to Think Big Even When You’re Small

Every business starts out small, which may make it difficult to attract the attention of investors, clients and others without the staff and resources of a larger company. So what’s an entrepreneur to do? Once, when Sarah Crossman Sullivan was...

Should You Upgrade Your Home Office?

Last fall, when Emma Weisberg left her job at Google to focus on running Blinkbuggy, an Internet startup that's modernizing the traditional baby book, she knew the company needed space outside of her New York City apartment. "I work with my...

Lessons on Being an Entrepreneur With a Toddler In Tow

"Mama, mama, MAMA, MAMAAAAAAA" Bam, bam, bam. That was the sound of my then 1-year-old daughter screaming at the top of her lungs while pounding on the bedroom door I was hiding in. She had her mommy radar on and had found me. It was my first few...


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