Climbing the Ladder

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Develop Good Chemistry With Your Boss

Your boss’s opinion of you matters. And while your performance should make up the bulk of that opinion, whether he or she likes you as a person certainly plays a part. Of course we’d never suggest batting your eyes at a higher-up, but you can win...

Drop Your Fake Work Persona Now

It’s easy to feel like you need to create a fake work persona — a contrived professional version of yourself. Not so. While letting your guard down can feel terrifying, it can help propel your career. When you feel comfortable in your own skin,...

9 Badass Women Who Had Not ‘Made It’ By 30

While “30 under 30” lists do a service highlighting the remarkable work and projects of the young, we’re reaching a cultural saturation point. These lists are so common, it feels like if you’re not Lena Dunham by age 25 you might as well pack up...

The Glass Precipice

Why female bosses fail more often than male ones

10 Countries With Better Maternity Leave Than the U.S.

Fact: The United States is the only developed country without paid maternity leave, an embarrassing and devastating reality that continues to impact American women’s wages, career trajectories, and quality of life. For a country that throws...

7 Ways to Negotiate Time Off Between Jobs

Jumping from one job to another can be a shock to the system. You’ll have new responsibilities to learn, new coworkers to meet, and a new office dynamic to navigate. Don’t underestimate the importance of this transition. Instead, consider how much...

Stop Feeling Like an Impostor

Do you ever see the title on your business card and think, “How did I trick them into that?” Or feel shocked that you keep getting promoted? If this feeling of inadequacy in the face of success sounds familiar, you could be suffering from Impostor...


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