Climbing the Ladder

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Damage Control: 5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Last spring, at the start of baseball season, a manager friend called and asked if she should fire one of her direct reports. He had called in sick, and she’d heard through the grapevine that he was tweeting from a Cubs game. In 2013, I wondered,...

Could You Be in the Wrong Career?

When’s the last time you asked yourself if you’re (still) doing what you love? Often, just getting through the daily workload keeps your mind occupied enough that wondering whether your career is really making you happy becomes an afterthought....

Kick Your Career Into High Gear

It took me three years to get my first promotion. I’m not proud of it, but in that time I certainly learned a lot about what not to do in order to be successful working in business. I realized that it doesn’t matter how smart you are or if you...

Is Crying at Work Ever Okay?

How should I react to someone who cries in a meeting where I'm giving potentially difficult feedback? I come from the corporate consulting world where crying would be a huge sign of weakness, but now I'm in the nonprofit sector, where (at least...

What Happens When Everything Clicks

She Shoots, She Scores: CEO Sarah Wilkerson on ClickinMoms

The Big Secret to Overcoming Underearning (It’s Not What You Think)

 A lot of women in my Overcoming Underearning workshops tell me they feel guilty about wanting to make more money, as if a profit motive were somehow shameful. I used to struggle with this conflict myself. But that was before I wrote my book,...

Is Your Boss Bringing You Down?

Ever had a coworker you just couldn't stand? Your dislike probably biased you when it came to judging their work, right? Well, imagine what happens when it's the boss who dislikes someone. If your boss has a bias against you (whether it’s...

8 Reasons Why You Didn't Get That Promotion

Promotion season at the office can cause a wide range of emotions — euphoria for those who received one and bittersweetness for those who are happy for their promoted colleagues but feel left behind because they didn't get one. Not getting the...


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