Climbing the Ladder

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You’ll Never Get Paid What You’re Worth (and That’s OK)

You and I have fallen under the sway of a misled idea: that in order to advance our careers, we must persuade people to recognize our worth and then convince them to pay it. When negotiating salary or figuring out what to charge for a service,...

5 Test-Taking Skills to Boost Your Career

While exams can incite anxiety in many test-takers, I like taking computer-based standardized tests. They’re like video games where you win with vocabulary words, math tricks, and good reading comprehension. As a GMAT teacher, I won’t pretend...

What’s the Best Way to Ask for a Raise?

I’m currently at a point in my career where I would like to ask for a raise and/or more stock options (ideally both). I’ve heard extremely positive feedback from all my managers and peers and have been in my position for roughly a year. I have a...

Develop Good Chemistry With Your Boss

Your boss’s opinion of you matters. And while your performance should make up the bulk of that opinion, whether he or she likes you as a person certainly plays a part. Of course we’d never suggest batting your eyes at a higher-up, but you can win...

Drop Your Fake Work Persona Now

It’s easy to feel like you need to create a fake work persona — a contrived professional version of yourself. Not so. While letting your guard down can feel terrifying, it can help propel your career. When you feel comfortable in your own skin,...

9 Badass Women Who Had Not ‘Made It’ By 30

While “30 under 30” lists do a service highlighting the remarkable work and projects of the young, we’re reaching a cultural saturation point. These lists are so common, it feels like if you’re not Lena Dunham by age 25 you might as well pack up...


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