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Mood-Boosting Beauty Products That Won’t Bust Your Budget

If you’re like me, you may be feeling a little weathered from the bleak winter season (unless you’re one of the lucky ones who hails from a warm-weather state). Short days, freezing outdoor temps and over-heated indoor rooms can lead to dry skin,...

The Evolution of Eyewear

It was nearly three centuries ago that the first glasses that wrapped around the temples were introduced. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way from those early days when individual prescriptions didn’t exist, women only wore glasses in private and...

Your Beauty Routine Will Never Be the Same

In a perfect world, we could wake up, apply makeup once and present a fresh face all day with no need for touch-ups. Mascara wouldn’t smudge. Lipstick would stay put. And our skin would look as flawless in the evening as it did when we walked out...

Why No One Else Should Ever Buy You Perfume

Fragrance is one of those small, beautiful things that can have a big effect on the way you feel and present yourself. The right perfume or eau de toilette can make you feel soothed and relaxed, ready to take on the boardroom or take command in...

Every Great Outfit Starts With This

Unless you’ve found yourself in an embarrassing fashion crisis of sorts, you probably haven’t given much thought to how important the right undergarments can be (anyone whose skirt has flown up at just the wrong moment knows what I’m talking...

When Bargain Shopping Is Bad for Your Budget

There are few things I love more than finding a good deal.   This passion of mine took root early: As a middle schooler and teen, I would often accompany my mom on trips to discount stores like Ross and T.J. Maxx to partake in what we called...

Spend Smartly, Not Sparsely

Why I value being picky over penny-pinching

Wardrobe Basics Worth the Splurge

Everyone loves a bargain. But it may not make sense to scrimp on the pieces you need and love the most. In fact, sometimes the best way to be frugal over time is to invest a little more upfront in the right items. When you calculate the price per...


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