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10 Things Your Real Estate Agent Won’t Tell You

What buyers and sellers should know about that 6 percent commission

Stop Sabotaging Your Investments

Most investors make a bad decision the minute they pick a mutual fund. The key to successful fund investing, therefore, becomes not turning that one bad decision into a multitude of mistakes. The problem here isn’t funds, however, so much as...

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Yes, money can buy us many things, but is happiness one of them? In the broadest sense: yes. But not necessarily in the ways you think. For one, the effect on our happiness depends a lot more on what we do with our money — and how we got it —...

7 Simple Steps to Paying Off Debt

When you combine the right mindset with a tactical game plan, not only can you pay off your debt faster, but you can actually enjoy the process as well. That may sound like a foreign concept, but by keeping a positive mindset and celebrating your...

3 Ways to Beat the Odds and Save More Money

We’re supposedly in a new era of financial sobriety. Yet the evidence suggests otherwise. Amid the rubble of the 2008 financial crisis, there was talk of a return to thrift. For a brief period, it looked like it might happen. According to the...

5 Celebrity Money Mistakes We Can All Learn From

As Chris Rock once said, “Rich is some (bleep) you could lose with a crazy summer and a drug habit.” Just because one may be good at making money doesn’t mean he or she necessarily has the savvy to save, invest and grow that money. The financial...

Why Common Instincts Can Cost Us as Investors

Let’s say you finally bite the bullet and invest a nice little sum in a company you’d been hearing about for some time. All systems are go until one day the stock’s value drops a jaw-dropping 10 points. Do you run for the hills? The desire to get...


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