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Being the Last Interview Could Wreck Your Chances

If you think that the timing of your interview doesn't impact your chances of getting the job, think again. The time slot can be a make-or-break factor if you are neck and neck with the other candidates. In a 2013 study by Wharton and Harvard...

Why I Didn’t Tell My Clients I Was Taking Maternity Leave

Nine days after my c-section, I took on a new client. In the final days of my pregnancy — in excruciating pain from my ribs being pushed out from the inside, like some horror-movie reverse corset — I read an article suggesting that after you have...

4 Million-Dollar Business Skills to Master

Over the course of your career there are many valuable skills that will help you advance professionally and financially. These skills aren’t taught in school but they are crucial to giving us the greatest control over our financial future. The...

8 High-Paying Jobs in Tech

Have you considered working in tech? Learn the why, what and how of these great tech gigs

The Law Was My Dream Career — Until I Had Kids

The legal industry has seen droves of women entering the field since the 1980s as strides have been made — both through legislation and cultural pressure — towards eliminating gender discrimination. Women now represent about 45 percent of those...

How to Start a Business With Your Friend — and Stay Friends

A number of big name businesses in a number of industries are run by pairs of close friends — from the fashion-forward pals who launched Juicy Couture nearly a decade ago, to the moms (and BFFs) with a passion for healthy snacks who founded...

7 Reasons I Love My Boss

Every once in a while I get a call from a headhunter asking if I’m interested in changing jobs. Because I work in high-tech, some of these jobs come with fancy titles, intriguing stock options and free organic snacks in the company kitchen. But...


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