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Why Narcissists Nail Job Interviews

Sometimes the mind of a hiring manager can be as tough to crack as Annalise Keating. They want a candidate who’s reliable, hardworking, a team player … and a narcissist? Recent research from the University of British Columbia found that...

Help! My Co-Worker Keeps Tearing Me Down

I have been employed at a VA hospital for almost 10 years and although things have improved somewhat, there is one specific co-worker who tries to hog or minimize my hard work. I have received awards including a Nurse Excellence Award for going...

Ditch This Conventional Wisdom at Work

Have you ever watched a co-worker refuse to stop doing something that clearly wasn’t working? Or clung to a plan that seemed tight at first but quickly unraveled? Some people keep plugging away out of pride or ignorance when it would be best to...

Master the Art of the Lunch Date

For years, I was an editor at top magazines, which is great training ground for the obvious skills of writing and editing. But over the course of my career, I was also “trained” in the not-so-obvious art of the perfect lunch date. Done well, a...

4 Tips for Starting a Business When You Have Student Loans

Looking to start your own business, but still have student loans to pay off? These 4 tips could help you toward entrepreneurial success!

4 Secrets to Kicking Ass at Work

You can probably think of plenty of qualities you need to be successful at work: focus, hard work, good relationships with co-workers, original thinking — the list goes on and on. But all of those attributes share a common, perhaps surprising,...

What I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Working Mom

When I was pregnant with my son six years ago, I read all the books, registered for all the gear, took a childbirth class. But not one piece of information I devoured talked about how to prepare to be a working mom. “You just do it,” was the most...

9 Productivity Apps You Need Now

Staying attuned to your workflow and on top of multiple tasks is key to making the most of your workday. While the classic to-do list can be efficient, some days easily trample traditional pen and paper, leaving it a scribbled mess with extra...


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