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8 Great Little-Known Breast Cancer Charities

It's October, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to put the girls first. Breast cancer awareness campaigns, from donor campaigns to pink ribbons to 5K races, all have one goal: to raise awareness and funds toward a cure to the disease....

8 Sites That Help You Give Locally

With so many worthy causes clamoring for your attention — or even just a spot in your email inbox — it can be hard to know the best place to put your charity dollars. One piece of guidance from Laura Vanderkam, author of the best-selling “What...

Can Gifting Stock Reduce My Tax Bill?

Are there tax advantages to donating stock to charities rather than cash? While donating cash to charities is most common, investors can get more bang for their charitable bucks by gifting stock instead. Either strategy can help reduce your...

3 Steps to Planning the Best Volunteer Vacation For You

Offering a great way to see and experience a different culture, a volunteer vacation can be an especially fulfilling way to spend time off. The concept's not for everyone — no four-star hotels or five-course meals — and there's service work...

Clothes With a Cause

Profits from Treana Peake’s design label have paid for hundreds of water wells and schools in South Sudan and Cameroon. How she does it--and why.

A Sister’s Death Inspires the Birth of a Nonprofit Group

My sister Ella Moore always wanted to make a difference. When she died of cancer at the age of 42, I decided to help her fulfill her wish. I could have started a cancer-related organization, but that didn’t say “Ella” to me. Her life was about,...

Friend-raising for Charity

You’ve attached yourself to a good cause—fabulous! And potentially awkward. Chances are, you’re being asked to raise funds for the organization. Chances are even better that you’re not completely comfortable asking friends and family for money....

She Helps Women Fund Women

Natalia Oberti Noguera is the founder and CEO of the Pipeline Fellowship, a six-month bootcamp that trains women philanthropists to become angel investors through investing in real-time, women-led projects.  She is the first in a series of...


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