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Meet Cristi Young

Paris sleek meets East Village chic

Meet Jennifer Crone

Score her Kenneth Cole wardrobe

How to Quit Cable for Good ... and Survive

If you're thinking about cutting the cable cord, you're not alone — 3.74 million Americans have canceled TV subscriptions from 2008 to 2012, according to a Convergence Consulting Group report. If your cable bills are starting to look like an...

The Basics (and Benefits) of a Work Uniform

When CTO consultant Janet Kasdan gets dressed for work in the morning, she shimmies into a pair of skinny jeans, tosses on a loose-fitting, untucked blouse (she owns about a dozen of them, in different colors), slips into comfy flats and finishes...

Never Worry About Your Work Wardrobe Again

What if you never had to think about your work wardrobe again? For an entire year, Sheena Matheiken, founder of the Uniform Project, didn’t: To raise money for charity, Matheiken wore the same black dress each day. And though it sounds incredibly...

Change Your Clothes and Your Mood

If I told you that you could transform your frame of mind with one simple tool, you’d be intrigued, right? What if I also told you it doesn’t involve any mental exercises or expensive investments? It just involves a trip to your closet. That’s...

Five Getaways, One Carry-on: Your Spring Packing Guide

There’s nothing better than a spring getaway to lift your spirits after the long winter we’ve had, and it’s a great time to travel: airfares to Europe are generally cheaper than during the high summer season, beautiful beach cottages can be...

9 Unexpected Travel Tips From the Experts

Wouldn't it be nice, before every trip, to call up an expert and get her advice on what to pack or how to upgrade to first class? Well, we can't promise a phone chat, but we can give you those tips right here and now. Shout out to all these...


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