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Make Your Wardrobe Work for You

Growing up, my mom made many of my clothes. We’d go to the fabric store together and select patterns and textiles, then she’d measure me and get to work on her sewing machine. She is a skilled seamstress, so the fruits of her labor were beautiful...

6 Solutions for Stress-Inducing Housework

Men and women are increasingly transcending gender roles and expectations in many realms. But the domestic domain — and its related drudgery — still remains an unfairly feminine preoccupation. As one recent Cornell University study concluded,...

Clean Up From Cleaning Out Your Closet

“One person’s trash is another person’s treasure” the saying goes. So why not get cash for those sartorial treasures of yours that were new to you then and can now become “new” to someone else? Recycling fashion is easier than ever — whether you...

11 Best Places to Sell Your Clutter For Cash

Taking out the clutter is part and parcel of spring cleaning. But instead of throwing away your belongings, you should try profiting off your used items while you're at it. Here are some suggestions on where you can unload your stuff for cash. 1....

5 Ways Going Green Can Save You Some Green

If you’re trying to save money, you’ve probably heard all the usual advice about ways to cut back: brown bag your lunch, use coupons, shop sales. But with Earth Day this month, maybe it’s time to take a fresh look at your frugal hacks and see...

Spring Styles That Will Last More Than a Season

Warmer weather means we are finally free from heavy coats, boots and all the cumbersome accoutrements winter weather brings. So, it’s time to lighten up, literally. Shed your winter skin for some great spring fashion classics that will do you...

10 Ways to Work a Floral Blouse in the Office

Uniformity can be great — it’s generally as safe for your professional persona as it is for your pocketbook.  And while I favor a minimalist, classic look as the basis of any professional uniform, that chic foundation can be greatly enhanced with...

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