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How Much Will That Hairstyle Cost You? You Might Be Surprised

Most of us know precisely what we pay for rent and electricity every month, and when we need to post those checks. But do you know much you plunk down every year on your hairstyle?  There’s the cost of your haircut. And then there’s the cost of...

20 Amazing and Affordable Post-Summer Vacations

It’s right around the time of year when I hit my “Yikes! Where did the summer go!” phase. All of the ambitious plans I made at the beginning of the season — practice my Italian, go on a bike tour, learn how to golf — have still gone unrealized...

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Wardrobe?

It’s time to focus on quality — not just quantity — in all aspects of life, but especially when you shop. That doesn’t mean we can’t still embrace a bargain — but how do you define “value”? For  many savvy American shoppers, it’s more than the...

5 Things Not to Buy at Drugstores (Including Drugs)

While drugstores now carry everything from Tylenol and tights to tuna rolls (although CVS said earlier this year it will no longer sell cigarettes), it’s rare that their offerings are cheaper than the same items at big-box and grocery stores —...

Who Inherits Your iTunes Library?

Why your digital books and music may go to the grave.

How to Build a Seasonless (and Stylish) Wardrobe

New beginnings, fresh perspectives. Transitions of any sort are an opportunity to regroup and start anew. But when it comes to your wardrobe, starting over every season is costly and time consuming. And yet, practicality forces us to change up...

5 Things Not to Buy at Dollar Stores

Bargain basements need to balance brand recognition with price

Make Your Wardrobe Work Harder for You

Choice can be debilitating. Whether it’s food or dates or shoes, we like the idea of choice, but often suffer a paralyzing sense of information overload as a result. So, it’s no wonder that one of the most frequent requests I receive from both my...


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