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How to be a Smarter Shopper

Have you been here? You pull up Pinterest and start looking at the trending styles for the day, then start pinning outfits to your fashion board like your life depended on it. Then your girlfriend sends you a pin of the latest outfit she wants and...

10 Things Not to Buy in 2014

1. Cable TV Cable television’s heyday is over. Subscribers have been declining since 2004, and analysts say there’s no end in sight. Roughly 54.8 million households currently pay for cable TV, down 3.3% from 2012 and down 17.6% from a decade...

6 Ways to Score Deals on Summer Travel

Got a yen to hit the road this summer? Bargain-basement deals are hard to find at the height of the season, but there are ways to stretch your travel dollar. Here’s the rub: Saving money on summer travel means a lot of homework. Plus, if you’re...

Surefire Strategies for Organizing Your Life

When I think about organizing anything from my closet to my financial papers, I feel a sense of dread and anxiety. I’ve made attempts, but they’re always fleeting. I’ll get rid of a stack of papers only to find another one slowly accumulating....

Create A Sanctuary for Your Success

Recently, as I was heading out the door to visit a friend and her new baby, I called to see if I could bring anything by. “If you can, I’d love some fresh flowers”, she said. I happily obliged, and was soon at her house, watching her arrange the...

Summer Beauty Splurges and Steals

Confession: I’m not much of a summer person. Sticky, sweaty days aren’t enjoyable, and I tend to think of the sun as a rapid-aging machine. Living in a city without a car means by the time I negotiate steamy subway platforms and sidewalks, the...

10 Things Cable companies Won’t Tell You

1. “Customers are fed up with us.” Cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable ranked among the top-ten most hated companies in America in 2012 (coming in fourth and seventh), according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, which rates...

Save Money on Your Summer Plans

How to cut costs on special events — from giving gifts to getting there


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