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Why Couples Need Valentine’s Day

You don’t need to spend a lot, but you should celebrate. Here’s why.

Time to Slow Down? Look for These Signs

You don’t have to work on a bomb squad or in a hospital emergency room to feel occupational pressure. In fact, 80 percent of Americans say they feel stress on the job, and 25 percent rating work as the No. 1 stressor in their lives (above health...

We’re All A Work in Progress

How to be happy on your quest for self-improvement

Cash Isn’t Crass – It’s Courteous

When it comes to gift giving, I like to keep things simple. For friends who love my homemade granola, gifting is simple. For my 20-something son working a new job in an expensive city, cash is simple (and very, very welcome.) Gifting time, an...

Cash Is Crass: It’s a Gift, Not a Fees Transaction!

I don’t give cash. Gift cards? Yes. Pre-loaded cash and gift cards? Yes. But I don’t believe cold, hard, out-of-the-ATM cash is a thoughtful gift. It’s the opposite. I used to give cash to the doormen in my building, every holiday, but it just...

Reality TV in the Best Sense

It’s only just begun, but there’s strong evidence already that 2014 could be a banner year for powerful women. Janet Yellen was confirmed this month to chair the Federal Reserve. Hillary Clinton is likely to launch a much-anticipated presidential...

Find the Right Balance Between Love and Money

Do your finances cause tension in your relationship? In other words, are you human? Many relationships face intense stress and anxiety over money issues. Perhaps your current relationship is feeling the impact of this connection now. How would...

You Show Me Yours, and I’ll Show You Mine

I don’t mince words. Never have. And trust me, it doesn’t always work in my favor. But while I can be quick and abrupt, I also waste no time with small talk. I’m willing to lay it all out early on, and if you do too, we’ll likely hit it off.  The...


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