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Take Your Happiness Into Your Own Hands

Here's how I changed my entire existence in one day and with one thought: I decided and chose to be happy. Please don't read this or write this off as being sappy. I am absolutely 100% serious about how easy it can be to choose happiness if...

Get More Willpower

It seems that the goals we set for ourselves, whether it be losing weight or organizing our home, can be achieved as long as we have the willpower to do it. Trouble is, willpower is not just something that can magically appear — it takes much...

9 Habits That Will Make You Happy

In my twenties, I had horrible eating habits and was completely unhappy. Slightly overweight and unhealthy, I’d go three days without eating in hopes of losing a few pounds, subsisting only on cigarettes and ice pops. Other days, I’d eat until I...

5 Reasons to Treat Yourself Without Feeling Guilty

Sometimes it can be hard to justify those random treats you like to give yourself, whether it's a pedicure or a weekend getaway. Even worse? The post-treat guilt that often sets in. Learn to ease up on yourself and focus on how much you deserve...

Why I’ll Never Let Love Trump Money Again

There’s a real liability in doing work you love: You may have a harder time getting paid for it. Not because of the nature of the work itself, necessarily, but because you’ve been sold a bill of goods: that the pleasure you derive from your work...

Why Couples Need Valentine’s Day

You don’t need to spend a lot, but you should celebrate. Here’s why.

You Don’t Need Permission to Treat Yourself

Hey! Have you heard the news? It’s Valentine’s Day and whether you’re single, newly coupled or in it for the long haul, there are plans for you! Big, elaborate plans. Like booking a girlfriends’ trip to Italy and staying in a private villa —...

We’re All A Work in Progress

How to be happy on your quest for self-improvement


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