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Vacation Budgeting with Kids

How transferring paying power actually helps you spend less.

Get Help With Your Goals

Welcome to our new “Coach Me” series. Each week, our resident life and career coaches will answer questions from readers. To submit yours, send an email to I'm 49 and I didn’t grow up learning how to be motivated to do...

Need vs. Want: the Internal, Eternal Debate

“I really want it!” my daughter Mira says of a new toy she’s been eyeing, her 8-year-old eyes in puppy-dog mode, each vowel elongated for emphasis. Then comes the sales pitch, creepily echoing Furby’s marketing material. “When you talk, it...

Having It All Doesn’t Mean Doing It All

Let’s get one thing straight right away: If you choose to have a family, the notion that this is an “all or nothing” career decision is ludicrous at best – sinister at worst. That said, it does require sacrifices. There will be times when you...

Are You Waiting to be Saved?

Seven years ago, I left a cushy corporate job to put myself through nutrition school and launch my own venture as a lifestyle and wellness coach. Within a few years, I had a successful business, earning far more than I ever had. There was just...

‘I No Longer Spend Mindlessly’

I grew up in a very frugal household, wearing my older sister's hand-me-downs for most of my childhood. So, when I got my first real job with a decent salary, I splurged. A career meant an ever-changing wardrobe. And, since I made pretty good...

From Cleaner to Company Owner

When Cheryl Schantz realized her company was making four times what she did for each house she cleaned, and decided to strike out on her own, it was a major Financial Turning Point for her.—and for her three kids. I started having children when I...

A Sister’s Death Inspires the Birth of a Nonprofit Group

My sister Ella Moore always wanted to make a difference. When she died of cancer at the age of 42, I decided to help her fulfill her wish. I could have started a cancer-related organization, but that didn’t say “Ella” to me. Her life was about,...


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