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Take Back Your Credit

Have you checked your credit report lately? You should. A recent government study found that some 10 million credit reports likely contain errors serious enough to impact people’s scores. And you know what that means. A lower score—even a little...

Is Your Debt Ratio Healthy?

How do you know if your debt ratio is healthy?Let’s say you’re making a good salary, but you’ve got a big mortgage and car loan. Is there a point at which you’re tipping the scales and being weighed down with too much debt?One way to gauge is by...

Credit Card Calculator
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What a Super High Score Gets You

You've got a great credit score. Solid 750-something. Is it worth the effort to push it a little higher?Would we waste your time telling you no?“The difference is a much better rate on everything,” says Linda Ferrari, author of The Big Score:...

He Has Debt. You Don't. How to Protect Your Marriage

You know that money fights are a leading source of breakups. And these days, many of those clashes are likely to be about debt. So what do you do if your partner has massive law school loans, say, or other outstanding debts—and you don’t?Here's...

5 Best Cash-Back Cards

Want a great reward card? Now is the time to pick one, says credit expert Erica Sandberg of “Card companies really want your business, so they’re finding ways to make their cards as appealing as possible.” These days you can get...

Be Smart About Store Cards

Store cards: friend or foe? Given how tempting that on-the-spot 15 percent discount can be, signing up for a store card is hard to resist—and may even be worth it. But retail cards can also compromise your credit in ways you may not realize, says...

Get More for Your Rewards

You spend a lot on your cards and you want all the perks you deserve. With so many options (flights! merch! cash!) how do you get the most for your hard-swiped points?  Best Cash back. Redeeming points for cash is a smart way to go, experts say....


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