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A Hands-On Way to Pay Down Debt

Debt is such a drag—especially when you’ve got multiple cards with different balances and interest rates.  Yes, I know about the “snowball” method (where you pay off the smallest balances first), but I have two new ideas for you today. First,...

How the Greek Debt Drama Could Affect You

My husband and I were thinking of selling our house this summer, despite the crummy market. But when we asked our realtor if we had a prayer, she said: “It depends on what happens in Europe.” Europe? Yep. You might not be caught up on the fact...

Credit Card Calculator
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Credit Score Number Crunching

How big a difference does a higher credit score make, really? Let’s crunch some numbers--with help from Frank Donnelly, CFP, President of the Mortgage Bankers Association of Metropolitan Washington. Susie and Jane each take out a $200,000...

The Greek Debt Drama Continues

You’ve heard about the Greek debt crisis and the riots in Athens. But you may not realize that what happens in Greece could strike a lot closer to home. ηθοποι?ς (the actors) Greece is part of the 17-nation eurozone, a group of very different...

Do You Take a Hit When You Marry Bad Credit?

What happens to that stellar score if the man of your dreams has nightmare credit? Nothing—at first. Getting married alone doesn’t impact either of your credit histories; your reports and scores remain separate (even if you change your name)....

Reap the Rewards of Good Credit

You know that good credit will help you get the best rates on loans (natch)—but what if you’re already stuck with high rates due to a bum credit history?Good news! Improving your credit score can help you refinance or renegotiate for better terms...

3 Best Cash-Back Cards

Upgrade your ho-hum credit card to one that puts money in your pocket. Card experts Erica Sandberg and Ben Woolsey of name the three best cash-back cards. Chase Freedom Visa has no annual fee and gives unlimited 1% cash back on...


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