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The Truth About My Debt

My husband and I paid off $30,000 in credit card debt after we were married. What got us, and kept us, in that much debt? A flawed sense of what was normal, i.e. entitlement. We didn’t walk around feeling “entitled” to anything—not consciously....

How to Get to the Other Side

What would help you get out of debt? When we asked 3,700 DailyWorth readers, in the recent survey we did with SavvyMoney, a surprising 34% said they wished they had a debt coach. Why? “Because it’s easy to get stuck on the minutiae of paying down...

Credit Card Calculator
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Exercise Your Banking Options

With Bank of America announcing that it will soon charge a fee for debit card use, you may be worried that your bank is next—and if so, what can you do? According to consumer banking experts, you’ve got several choices. Stay where you are, but...

Making Your Budget Work

Our top budget question is, “How do I get started?” The second: “How do I stick to a budget?” The truth is, you don’t have to “stick to a budget”; it’s already there (money’s coming in, bills are going out, right?). But you need to make a...

DailyWorth Debt Survey: Tell Us We’ll Help

A full 71% of DailyWorth readers say that paying off debt is one of their top money goals in the coming year. But not all debt is the same, and not everyone deals with it in the same way. We want to know more about the kind of debt you have, the...

Revive Your Credit, Restart Your Life

Thinking about filing for bankruptcy, but worried about whether you’ll ever recover? It’s actually a chance to rebuild your credit and your life, says Ed Boltz, an attorney and board member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy...

Can Credit Cards Help Us Spend Better?

In the midst of the recession, some credit-card companies are trading in the old, carefree “life takes Visa” approach and rewarding more responsible credit use instead. Chase Blueprint is a system that can be activated with certain Chase cards....


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