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6 Common Money Fights

You make more than he does, and that leads to a little... tension. Here’s how to resolve it.

Have You Had the Talk?

If you haven’t swapped money details and plans with your partner yet, it’s time.

Why Separate Accounts Helped Keep Us Together

My husband and I doubled down on the ‘dutch’ 25 years ago, and I never looked back.

Stay-at-Home Dads Talk Breadwinner Wives, Leaving the Workforce

With so many interpretations of the "modern family," the stay-at-home dad is becoming a more talked-about role. In fact, statistics show that house husbands are gradually on the rise. According to the census, 32 percent of married fathers in 2011...

Here’s What Sexy Time Costs You

Having a child can be insanely expensive—according to government reports, raising a kid until the age of 17 will cost a middle-income family close to $235,000. But trying not to have kids—well, that’s not necessarily a bargain, either. The...

V-Day Gets a Refresh

Modern women need a V-day upgrade. Rather than overspend on cheap chocolate or a prix fixe dinner, let’s channel some of that romantic energy into rocking how you want to look and feel this year. After all, this is also the first week of the...

The Happiest Divorce

The culture of divorce is shifting, in tune with the times. How many of us have commented on the fluidity of our children's relationships with friends with whom they become—and un-become—romantically involved? When we broke up with our high...

Inspired Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Yes, your man loves you, but he loves other things too. Like coffee. And his kicks. This year, show your affections with a gift that acknowledges his extra passions. They’re available at almost any price point, and only a click away. Under $15...


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