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10 Fall Fashion Trends From Runway to Real Life

Ever get the feeling that designers create fashion just for the fun of it? That perhaps they’re playing only to a cultish group of crazies that live for the ridiculous? Join the club. So much of what we see on runways (assuming we even bother to...

Statement-Making Fashion Week Trends Translated for Real Life

Twice a year New York Fashion Week rips through the city like a comet. The event goes as quickly as it comes, exploding in a flashy, fancy burst of pretty people in outrageous getups, which oftentimes do not translate to wearable fashion....

Context is Key: Professional Dress Codes Translated

You know that sinking feeling when you walk into a party and realize you’ve failed to read the dress code fine print?  Historian and fashion writer Anne Hollander argues that we want to look “right” far more than we want to be fashionable. And...

Style Inspiration: Standout Signature Looks of 6 Successful Women

What are you known for? Perhaps it’s your cleverness or your precision. Or maybe your sense of humor. Whatever it is that sets you apart, it pays to align those noteworthy qualities with the look you’re projecting. Your personal image has the...

3 Online Consignment Stores to Help Clean Out Your Closet

Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be a struggle. Find out how you can bring order to your wardrobe and make money while you’re at it by using online consignment stores.

6 Ways to Improve Your Look Beyond Fashion

We love a quick fix — life’s bandaids for personal improvement. And when it comes to our appearance, we are particularly susceptible to purchasing things that promise to be the holy grail of beauty and attractiveness, like a magical potion or a...

Transition Your Summer Skin Care to Fall and Save

It’s September, which means the month of the 50-pound magazines is upon us. You know the ones: with cover models cozied up in autumnal cashmere and headlines that bleat “The New Fall Lip Look!” and “Cold-Weather Skin Strategies.” Inside are the...

How to Shop Your Own Closet

The average woman spends $3,400 per year on clothes — and yet, a majority of us still feel like we have nothing to wear. And with over half the clothes in our closets not currently in use, it’s no wonder we can seemingly have so much and yet feel...


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