What to wear to work is a daily question in many women’s lives. Our office attire varies widely by profession and personality, but we share a common goal: We want to look stylish and feel great in clothes that are appropriate for our chosen careers.

Each week, DailyWorth brings you a new trend-setting reader to share her background and fashion inspiration. Plus, each profile includes chic, shoppable looks curated by DailyWorth’s Expert Stylist partners. Check out the profiles below.

Meet Cristi Young

Paris sleek meets East Village chic

Meet Jennifer Crone

Score her Kenneth Cole wardrobe

Meet Maria

Style that keeps up with women who don’t stop

Meet Anne

Lessons in cut from a seriously chic woman

Meet Ashley

Funky style meets conservative workplace

Meet Grace

What to wear whether rubbing elbows or toting tykes

Meet Rebecca

Keeping Style Simple


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