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The Best Way to Save for College

10 things you need to know about 529 savings plans.

4 Ways to Make Your Master's Education Worth Its Money

Going back to school is looking more attractive with a growing number of employers requiring a master's degree. Apparently, an undergraduate degree just isn't enough these days. But it's dangerous to assume that an advanced degree is a guaranteed...

Personal Finance Cheat Sheet For New Grads

When you're trying to get your bearings as a new graduate, it's hard to know how to manage your personal finances. Here are some quick tips to get newly minted graduates started on a journey to better finances: Read a book. Get your feet wet in...

`There's No Such Thing as Failure'

Wise words from Oprah, Melinda Gates, and other inspiring commencement speakers

What’s the best way to save for college?

Our financial advisor responds to your most frequently asked questions

Why Kids Should Chip in for College

When I was in high school, I worked as a waitress, slinging hot cakes and hash at my local IHOP. My plan: to drive off to college in a lightly-used red sports car. Then my father presented me with my college tuition bill. He asked me to pay the...

Save for Our Future—or the Kids'?

Should Your Retirement Trump Your Kids’ College Fund?My oldest daughter is 10. She just started middle school (and reading young adult novels, and asking if she can wear dangly earrings).The future seems a lot closer than it used to be. Which...

Saving for Higher(-cost) Education

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You read a story about how you should start saving for college the minute your kid is born. You look at your baby, pooping in his onesie, and think, “Dang, I’m already late to the party!” And so you do…nothing....


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