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4 Ways You May Be Unknowingly Hurting Your Credit

Tammy listed her son as an authorized user on one of her credit cards to help him build his credit history. When they checked his credit scores, however, Tammy saw the balance she was carrying on the card seemed to be hurting, not helping, his...

Reap More Rewards From Your Credit Cards

In a few weeks, my husband, daughter and I will be stretched out in our lie-flat business class seats on a flight to London. Once we land, we’ll be spending six nights at a luxury hotel — and then moving on to another, even more luxurious inn in...

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7 Simple Steps to Paying Off Debt

When you combine the right mindset with a tactical game plan, not only can you pay off your debt faster, but you can actually enjoy the process as well. That may sound like a foreign concept, but by keeping a positive mindset and celebrating your...

Don’t Want Your Identity Stolen? Better Do This

Linda Foley of San Diego didn’t think twice about filling out the tax forms her employer handed her. That is, until a credit card company called her to confirm her change of address — and she hadn’t moved. That’s when she learned her employer had...

How I Paid Off $440,000 in Debt

I’ve just de-boarded a multi-year financial roller coaster from hell.  In 2005, when my career as a creative director and tech writer took off, I was an über consumer, and things were good. Credit, and a lot of it, was available to me with...

4 Hacks to Boost Your Credit Score Quickly

Losing points from your credit scores is all too easy — and getting them back is hard. But if you know how credit scoring works, you can hack the process to rehabilitate your numbers faster. Here are four effective strategies to do just that. Pay...

Is Your Bank Account Keeping Up With You?

Significant life events trigger changes in our spending behavior. For the recent grad, jeans and tees make way for suits and dress shirts. A couple with a newborn may need a larger car to accommodate a car seat. And empty nesters might look to...


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