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Co-Sign at Your Own Risk

Should you co-sign a loan or credit card for a friend or relative? I get this question a lot, especially since  the economic downturn has made it harder for people to obtain loans.   There are certainly situations where you might be inclined to go...

Your Credit Score vs. the Lenders'

You know you should shop around when it comes to any credit product (cards, loans, mortgages). But here's another reason to get more than one offer: Lenders are looking at a different score than the one you have, according to a new study by the...

Credit Card Calculator
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A Clear Shot at Better Credit

If your credit has taken a hit in this dragging economy, do you know where to go for help? Probably not, says a survey last month by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC). Nearly half of respondents had no idea where to turn, and...

Money 101: How Secured Cards Work

Whether you’re trying to build good credit (or rebuild it), consider a secured card. “Secured cards are perfect for people with thin or damaged credit files,” says credit expert Erica Sandberg, like college students, new grads, or folks who are...

What We’re Talking About Today

Hello, it’s MONDAY. What do you need most? Here's today's must-know events in the economy and elsewhere. Time to forgive people’s debts? Economists just released a provocative study arguing that forgiving and restructuring private debt could...

Price Hike for Plastic

For years, retailers had to pay a fee to Visa and MasterCard when shoppers used their cards. But merchants technically weren’t allowed to pass along that surcharge to customers. Until now. Thanks to a recent settlement between merchants and the...

Get Ready for Platinum

You boosted your credit score—and you want to upgrade to a credit card with actual… whaddya call them? Perks. Higher-end cards typically offer features like cash back, airline miles, and lower interest rates. How do you know you’re ready for...


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