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Define (and Refine) Your Business Message

In the early stages, most entrepreneurs may still not be clear about who they are trying to reach and how to speak compellingly about their business. Owners may not notice this disconnect at first because customers somehow manage to come through...

Female Entrepreneurs Like GoldieBlox Are Redefining the Toy Industry

When Debbie Sterling launched a Kickstarter campaign for her line of engineering-inspired toys for girls in 2012, the issue of gendered toys and the so-called toy store “pink aisle” exploded into a national conversation. Two years later,...

Get Along With Your Most Annoying Co-workers

Unless you’ve worked alone your entire career or you’re extremely tolerant, you’ve probably had your share of annoying co-workers — the busybody who peppers you with intrusive questions, the slacker who does no work but somehow takes all the...

Being the Last Interview Could Wreck Your Chances

If you think that the timing of your interview doesn't impact your chances of getting the job, think again. The time slot can be a make-or-break factor if you are neck and neck with the other candidates. In a 2013 study by Wharton and Harvard...

Why I Didn’t Tell My Clients I Was Taking Maternity Leave

Nine days after my c-section, I took on a new client. In the final days of my pregnancy — in excruciating pain from my ribs being pushed out from the inside, like some horror-movie reverse corset — I read an article suggesting that after you have...

4 Million-Dollar Business Skills to Master

Over the course of your career there are many valuable skills that will help you advance professionally and financially. These skills aren’t taught in school but they are crucial to giving us the greatest control over our financial future. The...

8 High-Paying Jobs in Tech

Have you considered working in tech? Learn the why, what and how of these great tech gigs


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