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Behind the Scenes at the Power Play Photo Shoot

DailyWorth and Revlon share a behind-the-scenes look at the Power Play photo shoot.

From Banking to Bags: How One Entrepreneur Made the Leap

After graduating from college with a degree in finance, Catherine Choi thrived in banking in Canada for 11 years. There was just one problem: She didn’t enjoy it. “When I looked around at the people I worked with, I felt alone,” Choi recalls....

Should I Refocus My Business or Find a Job?

I’m having a hard time deciding whether to stay in my business (of 10 years) or going back to a “job.” The very thought of going back is frightening (would anyone even hire me?) yet I am just not making enough money in my business. What should I...

Create Your Own Career: How 6 Women Did It

“So, what do you do?” It’s the perennial conversation starter of cocktail parties and business-card exchanges. Some professions — like accountant or computer programmer — are pretty self-explanatory. But what if your answer sounds something more...

An Insider’s Guide to Impressing Angel Investors

Angel investors are, well, the guardian angels of business. Without them, many of the world’s biggest companies, like Google and Facebook, may never have gotten off the ground. Through these first-stage investors, struggling entrepreneurs get...

How Can I Be Taken More Seriously at Work?

I’ve been working at my current job for a year, am actively taking on extra projects and have put myself forward for consideration for two separate research positions, only to not be considered for either. I have a Master’s degree relevant to the...

Don’t Let Your Co-workers Bring You Down

At one point in my career, a slightly senior staffer started freezing me out — failing to invite me to key meetings and leaving my name off memos and emails I should have been included on. I eventually concluded that she might be feeling...


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