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Five Networking Weapons of Mass Appeal

Between work functions, ugly sweater parties and traveling home to loved ones, the networking opportunities are endless.

10 Things I Learned at a Summit for Ambitious Women

When I was a wee lass, my grandmother’s common refrain was that I was “a very enterprising young lady.” I used to tell her that when I grew up, I wanted to own newspapers and write novels. As an editor at DailyWorth and a published short story...

Why Entrepreneurs Need Split Personalities

Are you a creative person with bold vision? Or an analytic type, happy to pour over numbers in search of ways to generate greater profits?   If you own a business, you likely lean towards one end of the spectrum or the other. Rare is the...

8 Reasons Hiring Managers Haven't Called Back

It's one thing when you don't receive a reply from an employer after sending your resume and cover letter, but things get more personal when you don't hear back after a job interview. Waiting for a response is stressful and it's easy to let your...

How to Get Through Work With a Hangover

'Tis the season for getting tipsy as our calendars fill with holiday parties, happy hours, and festive gatherings with family and friends. Chances are, you'll wake up one morning from one of these shindigs with the telltale pounding headache,...

POLL: How Much Would You Give Up to Work From Home?

Workplace flexibility is a luxury good in the United States. A number of top companies for women list working from home as a valuable perk to attract top talent, but 9-to-5 face time is still the norm. Since even job security for pregnant...

How Can I Use My Network to Get a Better Job?

I have been working in a startup environment for 1.5 years, beginning a few months after I earned my BA. The company isn't profitable and I've been promoted from an admin role to a marketing role. I manage all marketing, consumer relations and...

How to Convince People to Give You Money

Unless you’re willing to bootstrap your business and fund it yourself, any entrepreneur looking to start a new venture will be on the lookout for investors. You’ll need to find investors who trust you, believe in your vision, and can write the...


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