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How to Start a Business With Your Friend — and Stay Friends

A number of big name businesses in a number of industries are run by pairs of close friends — from the fashion-forward pals who launched Juicy Couture nearly a decade ago, to the moms (and BFFs) with a passion for healthy snacks who founded...

7 Reasons I Love My Boss

Every once in a while I get a call from a headhunter asking if I’m interested in changing jobs. Because I work in high-tech, some of these jobs come with fancy titles, intriguing stock options and free organic snacks in the company kitchen. But...

The Truth About ‘It’s Too Expensive’

Here’s how to tell when a splurge may actually be a wise investment

Almost 40 Percent of Employees Want to Start Their Own Business

Clock-watchers are tired of punching their proverbial time cards — especially those who just entered the workforce. They either hate their boss or want to be their own boss — or perhaps a little bit of both. Some 39 percent of employees hope to...

How Will Declaring Personal Bankruptcy Affect My Business?

“I’m only 29 years old, but I purchased a car with a high-interest rate and am now behind in my payments and may have to declare bankruptcy. I finally settled down in Georgia after moving from one state to another trying to find the right career....

What Not to Buy When You Start a New Business

When you start a company, you usually have a grand vision for how things are going to work. You will provide X service, Y number of people will sign up, you will make Z million dollars and retire to the Bahamas, right? Ha! If only! Starting a...

Why Your Customers’ Misconceptions Are Your Ticket to More Sales

Some of the most fun (and rewarding) parts of my job are telling clients which to-do list items they can strike forever, what business models they don’t have to use to make more money and which things may be true for other entrepreneurs but don’t...

Copycats and Copyrights: How to Cover Your Assets

A common scenario keeps occurring in the online business world: people are stealing other people’s intangible assets and online content. In some cases, entire blog posts are being appropriated word-for-word (seriously). In other instances, the...


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