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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

How back to school season helps restore peace -- and order -- to my home and work.

How to Raise Rich (but Not Spoiled) Kids

I grew up in a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia--the kind of place where it wasn’t unusual for classmates to get brand new BMWs on their 16th birthdays. My parents didn’t get me a car when I got my license; they insisted I buy one with the...

Vacation Budgeting with Kids

How transferring paying power actually helps you spend less.

Is Paying Kids for Good Grades a Bribe?

When I was in elementary school, I’d excitedly count down the days until my next report card, anxious to make sure I’d gotten an ‘A’ in each and every class. But not because I was one of those naturally straight-A kids.I got paid.    Instead of...

The Best Gaming Device for Kids

You're tired of listening to your 6-year-old ask for your smartphone, and wiping all those sticky fingerprints off your tablet has broken you down. You're ready to buy your kid her first gaming device.What are the choices? Do you buy a kids'...

Defining Wealth for Kids

I blame Kit, the plucky American Girl Doll who survives the Great Depression. Ever since my daughter Maxine read the Kit books, she’s been asking, “What would happen if Daddy lost his job? Where would we live if the bank took our house?”  And she... Style

I’m one of the least fashionable people I know. So how is it possible that I’ve spent over $800 on new clothes lately?  I got pregnant, that’s how. But a handful of new companies are offering mothers-to-be a solution a la Rent the Runway: now you...

Why I’m Front-loading School Costs

For families with even a drop of cash liquidity, the question almost invariably comes up: public school or private? For my three-child family—for whom “liquidity” is ephemeral at best—the answer should be “public.” But I’m not doing it. I feel so...


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