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Do You Really Need That Tough Customer?

So how can you avoid unrewarding clients and projects in the first place? I asked my brilliant Twitter friends for their personal red flags: @sarahjbray knows it's time to run when a potential client says, "It should take no time at all!" You're...

A Friendly Way to Raise Capital

Crowdfunding offers a number of benefits: It’s a cheap, quick way to raise small amounts of cash. It’s also a good way to get the word out about your product or company. Last month, we raised more than $16,500 to set up better production tooling...

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Face-to-Face

Attorney Maia T. Spilman launched her own practice in 2001. At first, she loved working from home. But soon, one file cabinet grew to four, her fax machine rang through the night, and anytime friends came over, there were confidential papers to...

Know Your Worth—AND Your Value

Devising a pricing strategy? Let’s go back to class. Math and psychology, specifically.  Create a formula Designer and craftswoman Megan Auman uses a formula to determine the minimum to charge: Materials + time/labor + expenses + profit (The...

Holiday Jobs for Quick Cash

When holiday hopes are high, but cash is tight, a seasonal job can be a real gift. But how do you find the best job, for top pay? Rev up. Try Indeed, the world’s biggest job engine—search “seasonal” plus your city to narrow the focus. And check...


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