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Global Thought Leaders: She Helps War Victims Start Over

Photo of Zainab Salbi The DailyWorth Global Thought Leader series features exclusive interviews with remarkable entrepreneurs and activists who are striving to improve women's lives around the world. The idea emerged one night at a Denny’s, of...

Create Your Own Charitable Fund

One of the pleasures of accumulating wealth is that you can give back to the charities and causes you care about. And charitable giving can also give you a nice tax break. If you’re looking to donate while also getting some tax relief, consider a...

Tax Tips for Donations

As you prepare to enter your charitable contributions on your schedule A, are you thinking “I thought I gave more than this?” Well, you probably did! Consider the following before you file: A charity doesn’t have to issue a detailed receipt...

Think Before You Text (Your Donation)

Survivors of an 8.9-magnitude earthquake and tsunami lie wrapped in blankets at the Red Cross operations centre in Miyagi prefecture March 11, 2011. Photo source: Reuters.comThe plight of the Japanese people is agonizing to watch. Naturally, your...

Give Like a Celebrity

It's that year-end tug-of-war: With so many priorities putting pressure on your cashflow—gifts! parties! resisting the temptation to buy stuff for yourself!—how do you set aside money for causes you care about? We have two answers for you:   Make...


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