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9 Habits That Will Make You Happy

In my twenties, I had horrible eating habits and was completely unhappy. Slightly overweight and unhealthy, I’d go three days without eating in hopes of losing a few pounds, subsisting only on cigarettes and ice pops. Other days, I’d eat until I...

Want to Succeed? Don’t be Afraid to Fail

Sara Blakely, founder of the mega-successful, multibillion-dollar company Spanx, has never shied away from failure. In a recent CNBC interview, she recalled a dinnertime tradition where her father would ask her and her brother what they’d failed...

Time to Slow Down? Look for These Signs

You don’t have to work on a bomb squad or in a hospital emergency room to feel occupational pressure. In fact, 80 percent of Americans say they feel stress on the job, and 25 percent rating work as the No. 1 stressor in their lives (above health...

Scaling Back Doesn’t Have to Mean Slacking Off

Our culture applauds those who work too hard, but what happens when you’re so overwhelmed that the net effect is hardly working? The scenario certainly explains my experience last month. You’d think final exams in two graduate school courses was...

Compose Yourself: 10 Tips For Having More Patience

It's hard to wait, and being patient can be a practice that takes effort. From waiting for an important call to remaining calm when making decisions, staying composed is a practice that shows intelligence and self-control. Here are a few tips for...

Step Away From the Smartphone

How unplugging can help us cheer up, relax – and even improve our math skills

Whittle Your Waistline, Not Your Bank Account

January is the quintessential month for wellness, as many of us vow that this will be the year we lose those five pounds — or at least start exercising regularly. (In the wake of all that holiday indulging — and subsequent lounging — it's no...

The Perfect Antidote to Resolution Fatigue

It’s the No. 1 goal each year, but only a handful achieve it. See how these women lost 500 pounds


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