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Why Companies Pay You to Get Fit

Hey you, working at your computer, sitting for eight hours straight. Want to make some money for becoming healthier? “Wellness programs” are increasingly available as part of employee benefits packages—and before open enrollment season ends, you...

Burn Calories, Not Cash

Spring is coming, and you feel angst every time you look at all those fit babes in the Athleta catalog. Right? Before you sprint to the nearest gym, crunch the numbers: one national chain charges a $250 enrollment fee, plus $75 a month. That’s a...

Flex Your Muscle

So you're bench-pressing 80 pounds at the gym. So what? It doesn't mean diddly if you're letting your colleagues call all the shots. Being powerful means knowing when to negotiate and when to walk away. Be in charge or be powerless. The choice is...

Do You Have Back Pain?

Perhaps you thought your back pain was attributed to carrying too many groceries or toting your toddler on your hip. Did you know that it could be a result of high financial stress as well? An AP-AOL poll found that among people who complained of...


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