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Who, What and How Much: Your 2014 Holiday Tipping Guide

During the season of giving, it’s ironic that holiday tipping creates such consternation. What should I give? How much? To whom? What if I mess up by giving cash when I should’ve given cookies, or vice versa? Oy.   “Holiday tipping is fraught...

Stop Making These 5 Common Shopping Mistakes

Up to 16 percent of Americans suffer from shopping addiction, or a compulsive habit of buying with significant adverse consequences, according to a study published in The American Journal of Psychiatry. And while shopping may not be such a serious...

Get the Best Price on Your Next Car

So, you’re getting ready to buy a new car and you’re wondering where to begin. The good news: You’ll find no shortage of information on the web as to pricing, negotiating strategies and even which dealership to choose. The bad: There is such a...

How Menus Trick You Into Spending More

The next time you’re perusing a menu, treat it with the same caution you would a pot of last month’s stew. That’s because higher priced and unhealthy items are strategically presented to look the most appetizing. Two recent and separate analyses...

Value vs. Perception: Why You’re Paying More for These 8 Luxury Items

The popular notion that shelling out more for luxury items guarantees better craftsmanship, better fit or longer use doesn’t mean that’s what you actually get. There’s a fair amount of disparity between real value and perceived value, a question...

5 Things Not to Buy at Drugstores (Including Drugs)

While drugstores now carry everything from Tylenol and tights to tuna rolls (although CVS said earlier this year it will no longer sell cigarettes), it’s rare that their offerings are cheaper than the same items at big-box and grocery stores —...

Who Inherits Your iTunes Library?

Why your digital books and music may go to the grave.

5 Things Not to Buy at Dollar Stores

Bargain basements need to balance brand recognition with price


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