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How Botox Made Me Happier

Around about 2010, I’d had it. The recession had gouged my husband’s income and mine—and we were flat-out broke. As a fretful, 40-something breadwinner for a family of five, I did what no one in my position should: I looked in the mirror. Worry...

I’m Childless By Choice

I’ve always known that I didn’t want to have kids. When I was a teenager, my friends would talk about getting married and wanting a family. Those comments never resonated for me. People always protested that I should want kids. Friends and family...

DailyWorth Celebrates Four Years Today!

It makes me laugh when I think about the ways people responded to the idea of DailyWorth, a media company that empowers women around money, back when we launched in 2009. A former colleague on the West Coast responded: "My wife likes money. She...

U.S. Olympic Gals Go for the Gold

It’s got to be a first: At the 2012 Olympics, U.S. women won more gold medals than men—29 versus men’s 17. They also won more medals overall: 58 total for U.S. women versus 45 for men, according to the Bleacher Report, a leading sports site. It’s...

Celebrating Nora Ephron

So much has been said already about the immense contributions Nora Ephron made during her not-quite-long-enough life—to film, journalism, even food—that I’d like to put the spotlight on something more personal.   Nora was a chick. And she loved...


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