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Do Women Lack Confidence or Competence in Investing?

Are women ready to take charge of their investments? Find out our verdict.

5 Common — and Costly — Investing Mistakes

Survey after survey shows that women are less confident about making wise financial decisions despite feeling more financially secure, that we’re more likely to defer to a partner in making important money decisions and that some of us have no...

How to Gauge Your Risk Tolerance

I can recall the day vividly.  “This is like the other ones I’ve been on, right?” I asked my dad.   “Sure,” he replied, “You’ll love it!”   I sat next to my father, a hesitant smile on my face, as the man fastened the safety bar over our laps. Our...

5 Ways to Source Impact Investments

So you’ve decided to do some impact investing. One of the things you need to be able to do is search out the right opportunities for you. 1. Find companies with rewards-based funding Visit Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Plum Alley and any number of the...

The Smart Decision That Earned This Woman $130,000

You’ve heard this advice before: “Don’t use your 401(k) as a piggy bank.” But according to Fidelity, the largest administrator of 401(k) plans, 35 percent of all Fidelity 401(k) participants cashed out their balances when leaving their jobs in...

Can Balance Transfers Help You Pay Your Credit Card Debt Off Faster?

What’s the worst thing about credit card debt? High interest rates? High balances? Never-ending monthly payments? When I had credit card debt, what concerned me the most was feeling like it would never get paid off. Each month I paid more than the...

The Decision That Helped Make Me a Millionaire

Like any typical child, my mother received an allowance from her father. But unlike a typical child, she received that allowance into her 60’s. He stopped writing her checks only when he died. My mother received financial support from her father...


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