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Stop Sabotaging Your Investments

Most investors make a bad decision the minute they pick a mutual fund. The key to successful fund investing, therefore, becomes not turning that one bad decision into a multitude of mistakes. The problem here isn’t funds, however, so much as...

Why Common Instincts Can Cost Us as Investors

Let’s say you finally bite the bullet and invest a nice little sum in a company you’d been hearing about for some time. All systems are go until one day the stock’s value drops a jaw-dropping 10 points. Do you run for the hills? The desire to get...

Ask an Advisor: How Should I Invest My Divorce Settlement?

Both my lawyer and CDFA advised me to take a lump sum divorce settlement that came from the sale of a rental home my ex-husband and I had in lieu of alimony. I have not invested my money and am not sure what is best (at my age of 56). My CDFA...

Is Investing in Options Too Risky?

I've heard that options are risky investments. Is that true? How do they work? — Tara, Connecticut  Options have the unfair reputation of being considered riskier than other investment vehicles. For instance, in a book written by a well-respected...

How – and Why – I Saved $1 Million

It was six weeks before my wedding, and I was preparing a spreadsheet that listed all my assets for the prenuptial agreement my fiancé and I had agreed to sign. (It was his second marriage and my first.)  I carefully listed each account: the two...

5 Places to Invest Internationally Now

Traditionally, most American investors have invested in American companies. But in today’s global marketplace, investors who stay strictly focused on U.S.-based investments may be missing out on opportunities for higher returns. Stocks in some...

Get Paid to Invest. Really.

The benefits of dividend investing, and what you should know before you dive in.

10 Blue-Chip Stocks to Stock Up On

Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Procter & Gamble...Millions of Americans purchase their products every week. But is it smart to buy their stock? A lot of investors certainly think so. The Dow Jones Industrial Average index, which tracks 30 of...


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