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The Power of Limiting Your Choices

Unlike most of my mom peers, I resisted joining Costco. Too commercial, I said. Prevents me from supporting my local retailers. Forces me to hoard bulk quantities of planet-destroying consumer goods in my New York City apartment. But a year or so...

Why You Need to Stop Trying So Hard

When has the ability to show virtual appreciation ever been easier? Make a statement online and your audience can star it as a “favorite,” click a button to “like” it or even just respond with a “+1.” But is this need for constant agreement...

Never Get Cheated by Car Mechanics Again

What’s a car owner to do when his trusted auto mechanic leaves the business to run a funeral home? Such was the unlikely scenario I found myself facing a few years ago. I had been seeing the same mechanic almost since I bought my first car in...

What Would You Pay for an Hour of Complete Silence?

If your day is spent among screaming children, honking traffic, yapping coworkers, blowhard bosses and fitful sleep, this thought has almost certainly crossed your mind: Why is it so hard to find some peace and quiet — even for just an hour? Now,...

Considering Divorce? 6 Advantages To Filing First

If you want to be in the best position during your divorce, you should file first. Read this article to find out why.

Why You Need to Embrace the Haters

Not too long ago, haters were the domain of the rich and famous — or at least, anyone with a sizeable platform. In fact, it was basically a celebrity tax: you want attention, get ready for vitriol.  But now it very much is our problem. Because...

Don’t Get Credit Cards From These 5 Stores

Buyers beware: The insanely high interest rates on some stores’ credit cards make the markups they add to merchandise look like child’s play. According to a survey of 61 major retail credit cards released Thursday by, a...


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