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It’s Time to Upgrade Our Sense of Worth

I grew up with an ambitious mom. She worked a full-time government job that she was very passionate about, climbing her way up the ranks. At home, I was told that when I grew up, I could be and do anything I wanted. On the playground and later at...

Workouts That Are Easy on Your Body and Your Wallet

You want to lower your stress, increase your muscle tone, and stop your thoughts from running away with you — all good things, of course — so you hit a local yoga studio or your favorite gym and enlist in a “beginners” class or series. Next thing...

Should You Get a Prenup With an Infidelity Clause?

Prenuptial agreements have come a long way since the days when wealthy parents would require them to prevent a son or daughter’s misguided marriage from gutting the family fortune. These days, prenups aren’t considered stuffy or offensive —...

Are You Committing Financial Infidelity?

Several years ago, a friend of mine admitted she had a bank account her husband didn’t know about so that she could spend from her secret stash on the sly. And recently, an acquaintance who owns a luxury jewelry store revealed to me that some of...

6 Surprising Ways You Stress Yourself Out

You do yoga five days a week, meditate and even splurge on a monthly massage. So why are you still feeling so agitated all the time? Getting to the bottom of the sources of stress in your life won’t just put a smile on your face. It can also...

Why Getting Married Can Be a Financial Windfall

Getting married allows you to pool risk, and it can help with estate taxes

How I Found My Independence

A few months ago on a chilly Saturday afternoon, my two young children and I took the subway from our home in Astoria, New York to midtown Manhattan and rode the M20 bus all the way down to the East Village — just for the fun of it. With the big,...

How to Create Instant Success

When we think about the most successful people we know, we tend to think of those who’ve made the biggest career advancements, make the most money, have the biggest houses and the best “toys.” The façade of success is so shiny that it can easily...


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