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How Many Conversations Are You Avoiding?

No one likes tough conversations. I’m avoiding two myself right now (one with my landlord and another with my hair stylist. To me, this is a good day!).  There’s nothing fun about bringing up issues to friends or family: “Our heart rate goes up,...

How Do I Stop Putting Others’ Needs Ahead of Mine?

I’m a survivor of Hurricane Sandy (and other storms of life) and feel compelled to put others’ needs ahead of my own.  How do I balance helping others and focusing on my own goals? —Alaiye   Sometimes life’s tragic experiences shift our...

How to Unleash Your Inner Creative Genius

Years ago, while working in a busy, loud and cramped newsroom, I learned music was the key to my productivity. Part of it was that I needed a way to limit stimuli, and a set of earbuds did the trick. I’m naturally nosy, after all. If there’s...

Awkward! How to Handle Sticky Money Situations

There are few things that come between friends and family members as easily as money. From neglecting to pay back borrowed funds to dividing the tab on dinners (or cabs, vacations, you name it), cash can cause friction and hurt feelings. In my...

What I've Learned as a Part-Time Single Parent

It’s Saturday night, and I’m looking at the spattering of rice on the floor after a dinner of Indian takeout. I just finished Skyping with my husband Brian, who regaled me with tales of his first night in Thailand, and now I’m thinking of the...

Are These on Your To-Do List? They Should Be

It's easy to let the holiday spirit carry you into 2014 without paying attention to much else. Before you rush into the next year, be sure to do these seven things in December: Give Yourself a Break A lot of people take extra days this time of...

Can Custom Shirts Make Hospital Stays Easier?

Amanda Holdsworth says they helped her through her daughter’s heart surgery. Now she’s making them for other parents.

7 Gifts That Will Make You Feel Good Too

As we enter the season of giving, it’s easy to feel a little bit torn. We’re eager to show our loved ones how much we care for them, yet many of us are reluctant to continue to gift more stuff. It’s hard to convey true warmth with a scarf, even...


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