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How to Prepare for a Spouse’s Death

I recently heard from a woman whose husband was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her question to me: “What should a woman do before her husband dies?” My heart went out to her, along with my admiration. Death is not easy to talk about, let...

How Can I Keep the Cost of My Divorce Down?

Believe it or not there is one simple way to keep your bills from your divorce lawyer, accountant or divorce financial analyst under control. The answer: have civilized conversations with your spouse.  Try to work out as many issues as possible...

Are You Committing Financial Infidelity?

Several years ago, a friend of mine admitted she had a bank account her husband didn’t know about so that she could spend from her secret stash on the sly. And recently, an acquaintance who owns a luxury jewelry store revealed to me that some of...

Should You Get a Prenup With an Infidelity Clause?

Prenuptial agreements have come a long way since the days when wealthy parents would require them to prevent a son or daughter’s misguided marriage from gutting the family fortune. These days, prenups aren’t considered stuffy or offensive —...

Why Getting Married Can Be a Financial Windfall

Getting married allows you to pool risk, and it can help with estate taxes

The Worst Advice I Ever Gave

I was the first to wake that morning.  I was still reeling in the painful aftermath of learning that my husband of nearly two decades had been living a double life. The father of my three sons, and the man I had built a life around, had been...

Settled on a Divorce Settlement? Now Make Sure It’s Paid Out

Divorce can mean months, or even years, of hammering out settlement terms. The process can be both exhaustive and exhausting; but, in the end, you and your ex will have a formal agreement. Once it’s signed by both parties and filed with the court,...

Stay Connected No Matter How Busy You Are

As the director of an international firm, Sandy, a mom of two, travels several times a year. Her husband Chris runs an investment company.  Cynthia and her partner Jane build their careers each day, then Jane pursues an MBA at night.  Alice is a...


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