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How to Decide Whether to Buy a Home

The economy may be gathering steam, but real estate prices are still falling in many markets. In some rust belt cities, you can buy a house—a house!—for $5,000.  “It sounds like a screaming deal,” says Josh Dorkin, CEO of, an...

Hot Buys on Second Homes

Thinking about buying a second home? The time is right. Sales of investment homessurged "an extraordinary 64.5 percent" in 2011, according to the National Association of Realtors. If you’re wondering which markets offer the best deals, head for...

Will You Get Any Mortgage Help?

You’ve heard the news: thanks to a national mortgage settlement five major banks will pay out $25 billion to help troubled borrowers in 49 states. The question is whether you’ll reap any of those benefits. Use this guide to decide—and plan...

The Temptation of HELOCs

With interest rates around 4%, you may be tempted take out a home equity line of credit (HELOC)—and not just because it’s cheap. Given the dicey real estate market, you may need to make repairs you’d hoped to avoid by selling—or you may want to...

What Banks Don't Know Can Hurt You

You know that mortgage rates are at historic lows. You salivate at the thought of knocking a big chunk off your monthly expenses. “Honey, we could save $350 a month if we refinance to a 7/1 ARM!” I screamed to my husband recently, after a refi...


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