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It’s Never Too Early to Start Building Your Nest Egg

Need a reason to start saving? At any major life stage, you can include saving for your future in your celebration

8 Surprising Things You Can Get for Free

In our culture of buy, buy, buy, it’s easy to forget that some things in life are still free. And we’re not just talking about fresh air and long walks: You can also get a handful of items that are cornerstones of American consumption, like...

How to Recover From a Hit to Your Savings

Your emergency fund is solid — until that emergency comes along and wipes it clean. Now what?

6 Fascinating Mind Tricks That Help You Save Money

Putting money aside seems pretty straightforward. But seeing as the average personal-savings rate is just 5.7 percent (compared to 11 percent two decades ago), it’s definitely easier said than done. “We like to think of ourselves as rational when...

7 Times in Your Life That You’ll be Glad You Saved

Have You Saved Enough? While everyone — at least in this corner of the Internet — knows they are supposed to have money tucked away for expenses, emergencies, and retirement, many of us aren’t actually doing it. That’s especially true among women....

25 of the Most Powerful Quotes on Saving

The issues of money management are timeless -- particularly the struggle to keep on top of costs and ensure you’re funneling money back into savings. From Benjamin Franklin to Beyoncé, the most notable people of past and present have ruminated on...

Want to Save More? There’s an App for That

How’s your bank balance? Could be better? You’re not alone. Only one in four Americans surveyed by in June 2014 said they had an adequate emergency fund (that’s at least enough savings to cover six months of expenses in a crisis such...

6 Simple Ways to Save More

It’s no surprise that Americans are not particularly good at saving money. Even after the financial crisis of 2008, the savings rate only went up to about 5.5 percent, and it was back down to 2.6 percent by 2013, according to Sheldon Garon, a...


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