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The Best Tax-Planning Strategies for Small Businesses

Good news: you still have time to significantly reduce your 2014 business income tax bill. Here’s a digest of the best year-end tax-saving moves for small businesses. Buy Heavy SUV, Pickup or Van Big SUVs, pickups and vans are useful for hauling...

How to Convince People to Give You Money

Unless you’re willing to bootstrap your business and fund it yourself, any entrepreneur looking to start a new venture will be on the lookout for investors. You’ll need to find investors who trust you, believe in your vision, and can write the...

Women Spill What It’s Really Like to Own a Business

Leaving your cushy job (with its consistency and security) to start your own business can feel like jumping off a cliff without a parachute. That feeling comes from the sudden unknown you’ll face: When will I turn a profit? Will anyone buy what...

Who Runs the World: Girls

How Women Are Growing the Global Economy

Three Questions to Ask Before you Hire a Web Designer

Are you on the hunt for the perfect web design for your brand? Ask yourself these three questions before buckling down and hiring a designer.

6 Questions to Ask When a Large Retailer Approaches Your Artisanal Business

If you’re an entrepreneur creating handmade items or artisanal food products, being approached by a large retailer can seem like the perfect opportunity to grow. Big retailers are increasingly looking to small makers to meet consumer demand for...

Run Your Business Like Beyoncé

Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is at the helm of an international brand. She’s sold 75 million albums as a solo artist, won 17 Grammys and has an estimated net worth of $350 million. No surprise she secured the top spot on Forbes’ 2014 “World’s Most...


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