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The Genius Guide to DIY PR

When I left my full-time magazine editing career to launch a business, there was one thing that came surprisingly easy to me: getting press. And that was because after years as an editor, I know how editors really think, and how to give them...

Invest In Your Unique Point Of View

Do you know what it takes to realize your full business potential? Tara Gentile’s Quiet Power Strategy might be your answer!

8 Resolutions to Grow Your Business

So many New Year’s resolutions are small (even cruel) rules we set to control our lifestyle and habits. We commit to going to the gym every day or giving up coffee, both of which, in the scheme of things, rarely end up making a difference. It’s...

How Mentors Can Up Your Career Game

Sometimes you get to a point in your career where you need guidance from someone who’s been there before. Enter the mentor. The benefits of having a stellar business mentor can be long term, from shaping the way you think about work-life balance...

The Best Tax-Planning Strategies for Small Businesses

Good news: you still have time to significantly reduce your 2014 business income tax bill. Here’s a digest of the best year-end tax-saving moves for small businesses. Buy Heavy SUV, Pickup or Van Big SUVs, pickups and vans are useful for hauling...

How to Convince People to Give You Money

Unless you’re willing to bootstrap your business and fund it yourself, any entrepreneur looking to start a new venture will be on the lookout for investors. You’ll need to find investors who trust you, believe in your vision, and can write the...

Women Spill What It’s Really Like to Own a Business

Leaving your cushy job (with its consistency and security) to start your own business can feel like jumping off a cliff without a parachute. That feeling comes from the sudden unknown you’ll face: When will I turn a profit? Will anyone buy what...

Who Runs the World: Girls

How Women Are Growing the Global Economy


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