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Define (and Refine) Your Business Message

In the early stages, most entrepreneurs may still not be clear about who they are trying to reach and how to speak compellingly about their business. Owners may not notice this disconnect at first because customers somehow manage to come through...

Where Do I Form My Business?

Find out what you should be considering before you choose a state

3 Pricing Tricks That Will Help You Sell More

I like to think I make rational choices. When I need something, I buy it. I don’t spend too much and I never buy things I don’t need. Never. I also do not get suckered by silly ploys like: $99 (Hello! That’s $100), or “One-Day Only Sales....

Be a Better Boss

Growing your team, and effectively managing it, is the only way a solopreneur can grow into being a successful entrepreneur (and therefore provide jobs to others). But managing people is a very specific skillset, just like marketing, accounting...

Why You Shouldn't Skimp on Disclaimers

We have all heard those commercials where the drug companies proclaim that taking their headache medicine could actually cause a headache — or worse, heart attack or death. While you may think this is ridiculous and silly (I mean, it is pretty...

Thinking of Starting a Nonprofit? Here’s What You Should Know

Have you ever had a flash of inspiration and thought of a new and better solution to a problem than anyone has ever thought of before? Most people let these moments go with the passing thought that someone should invent this thing or perform that...

What Makes a Business Most Likely to Succeed?

So you say you want to start a business, but what are its chances of survival? What types of businesses are voted “Most Likely To Succeed”? More importantly, what skills can you acquire to make sure your business can ride out tough times? Small...


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