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How a Painful Divorce Inspired Me To Build a Business

It was slightly before six a.m. when I heard the all too familiar sound of my iPhone vibrating against the bedside table. With my head still nestled comfortably on my pillow, I reached for the phone, expecting to see an assortment of bargain...

When Is the Right Time to Start a Business?

I dream of being self-employed and have taken steps: I launched my consulting business in 2012 and have been working another day job to provide basic financial necessities while my business grows. After finding out that my position is being...

Legit Ways to Make (Good) Money on the Side

When Laura Jones, a life coach, and her husband, a ballroom dance instructor and studio manager in Southampton, Pa., couldn’t find a natural deodorant that worked as well as the commercial ones, they developed their own. Realizing others were...

Six Real-Life Lessons in Crisis Management

Every business goes through its ups and downs. There may be office politics, cash flow issues or staffing challenges — issues that are tough, but manageable. When a true disaster or crisis strikes, though, it can sometimes be the breaking point. ...

Self-employed? How to Be Your Own Best Boss

I’m preparing to leave my job because I’ve built a successful business on the side. Having been self-employed previously, I have fears of reverting back to unproductive habits and having a lack of focus. Also I know I’m going to miss the social...

Tired of Working for Someone Else?

Six steps to starting your own small business

Ask an Advisor: What Is Self-Employment Tax?

What is self-employment tax, and how do I figure out how much I owe? The self-employment tax, aka the SE or SECA (Self-Employment Contributions Act) tax, is essentially the same as the FICA tax that is paid by employers and employees for Social...

I Went From Stealing Food to Making Six Figures

If it all went according to my parents’ perfect plan, I would’ve been riding horses, living in boarding schools, spending summers at overnight camps and, one day, working as a lawyer, just like my dad. But at 5 years old, my destiny for this...


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