Small Business

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A (Two) Case Study of SBA Loans

If you can’t get a bank loan, is an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan the answer? Five years ago, Kristin Heaton Peabody needed $236,000 to start Hiatus Spa, while Lauren Milligan needed $25,000 to boost her eight-year-old business,...

Does Your Business Model Make Cents?

Can you explain how your business makes money? Not just what you sell, and how much money you could make, but how your revenue minus expenses can create a meaningful margin. If you're scratching your head, here are two sample Excel financial...

Proper Prep for Time Off

The holidays demand that even small biz owners take some time off. Here, three smart ways to prep for a seasonal break, courtesy of small business coach Tara Gentile’s ScoutieGirl site and contributor Alicia Parsons. Alert clients. Besides...

Get a Piece of a $5 Billion Pie

Women-owned businesses employ more than 7 million workers, generate more than $1 trillion in yearly revenue, and are growing at more than twice the rate of businesses overall. Clearly, we rock. That’s why the White House introduced the...


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