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Time Your Travel to Save Big Bucks

6 tips for scoring great getaways on the cheap

8 Travel Apps That Will Save You Money

Spring is prime vacation season (yesss!). But that doesn’t mean you need to pay top dollar to travel. There are apps that can help you save on everything from hotels to currency exchanges—they're so efficient, they practically hand you money. Of...

Travel in Style

I’m the queen of Internet research, but faced with putting together a once-in-a-lifetime family trip to Africa—five million Google hits for “safari”!—I knew I was outmatched. When I asked a well-traveled friend for advice, she told me a little...

Don’t Hoard Loyalty Points

Psyched about all the frequent flyer miles you’ve managed to hoard? You’re not alone—by some estimates, there are more than 15 trillion frequent flyer miles outstanding. But it’s time to reroute your thinking. “Free” flights have been getting...

You NEED Another Vacay. Really.

Don’t fall into the typical New Year’s trap and resolve to eat healthier and exercise more regularly (been there, haven’t done that, right?).  Instead, get something far more valuable out of 2013: Commit to planning at least two great vacations...

The Best Caribbean Getaway You've Never Heard Of

Want to pack as much style and culture into your vacation as possible--not to mention a few dips in the Caribbean? Consider Cartagena, a stunning cultural mecca on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Cancun is overplayed, Buenos Aires is far away, and...

Why Successful People Unplug—or Should

When I take a vacation, I really do try to leave work behind (sometimes I’m even  brave enough to leave my laptop at home). But like most people, I can’t resist the urge to check e-mail. Next thing I know, I find myself pecking long-form answers...

Insider's Guide to Luxe Stays for Less

Don’t let the misguided reputation of house swaps—budget friendly but you never-know-what-you’ll get!—deter you from exploring the luxurious side of this amazing travel opportunity.My family and I have been swapping for years now, and we’ve done...


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